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Thank you for interesting us. Palm Hills Golf Club & Residence invite all golfers to be a part of exclusive membership
at ours golf course. Golfers can choose from 1 year or 10 year membership programs to come and enjoy experience
the best benefit that choosing for yourself.

We have single membership options to offer as below.

Membership 10 years
150,000 Baht
Membership 5 years
100,000 Baht
Membership 3 years
75,000 Baht
Membership 1 year
30,000 Baht

What are the conditions for annual fee ?  

Membership have 2 Choice, You can choose for 1 choice:

  1. Pay annual fees per year 20,000 THB

  2. Pay green fee each time 600 THB


  • 10% off on food in the Birdie Restaurant & Bistro.

  • Discounted entry fees for Spot Club.

  • Discounted rates for Your Guest.

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