Hole 1 : Right Turning
Par 4 Handicap 9 Blue 401 Yards Yellow 369 Yards White 341 Yards Red 301 Yards
This opening hole at Palm Hills is a dogleg right with a wide fairway. A drive must favor the left side of fairway to have a clear approach to the green to avoid right side fairway bunkers. A slide down lie for the approach make club selection crucial for a good birdie opportunity.
Hole 2 : Grand Crossing
Par5 Handicap 13 Blue 507 Yards Yellow 456 Yards White 435 Yards Red 393 Yards
Opportunity for an eagle. The ponds in front of the tee and both sides of the fairway make the drive difficult for most players. A big drive down the middle will allow for a chance of reaching the green in two with an iron.
Hole 3 : Sand Skipping
Par 3 Handicap 3 Blue 194 Yards Yellow 175 Yards White 159 Yards Red 129 Yards
Being the longest par #3 on the course, this 3rd hole requires a strong tee shot to reach the green. Large bunkers in front of the green can be a big problem for players who hit the ball short. Make sure you use the right club.
Hole 4 : Coconut Tree Overshooting
Par 4 Handicap 7 Blue 408 Yards Yellow 374 Yards White 356 Yards Red 319 Yards
A fading tee shot will place the ball in a good view for approaching the putting green but cutting the right corner will leave you a wedge-shot. If you choose to cut the corner, make sure you can carry the massive right fairway bunker, going over the two coconut trees.
Hole 5 : Bunker Aiming
Par 4 Handicap 5 Blue 361 Yards Yellow 337 Yards White 316 Yards Red 261 Yards
Water to the left will grab the tee shot pulled off to the side. Many players may select a lesser club than a driver, aiming at the right bunker, as accuracy is more rewarding than distance here. The second shot should be played from the middle of fairway just left to the bunker. With elevated sloping green, three putts will not be uncommon.
Hole 6 : Green Slipping
Par 4 Handicap 11 Blue 364 Yards Yellow 356 Yards White 335 Yards Red 272 Yards
Another short par 4. Most of the problems begin after the approaching shot. The tricky sloping green from left to right is tough to putt. The left green side bunker is the last place you want to go.
Hole 7 : Straight Hitting
Par 5 Handicap 17 Blue 547 Yards Yellow 499 Yards White 483 Yards Red 432 Yards
This hole, bunkers come into play on both the drive and the second shot. The drive needs to be placed down the middle, avoiding the bunkers along both sides of the fairway. The second shot is played to the left side of the big tree next to another bunker. The green is well guarded by bunkers.
Hole 8 : Lake Viewing
Par 3 Handicap 5 Blue 175 Yards Yellow 128 Yards White 141 Yards Red 107 Yards
A beautiful but difficult hole. For This par 3 the drive is usually into the wind. Club selection can be a problem when the wind is blowing strong. To avoid bunkers and water on the left, playing to the right of the green is a good option.
Hole 9 : Happy Returning
Par 4 Handicap 1 Blue 402 Yards Yellow 377 Yards White 357 Yards Red 310 Yards
The trickiest green makes this 9th hole the most difficult finishing hole on the course. Both fairway and green slope from right to left. When the flagstick is placed at the back of the green, this hole becomes a monster. Keep approach shot of the hole for best putt. Donít be too aggressive !
Hole 10 : Back Starting
Par 4 Handicap 2 Blue 432 Yards Yellow 403 Yards White 378 Yards Red 365 Yards
A tough hole to start out the back nine. This 10th hole requires an accurate tee shot to find the short grass of the fairway. The dogleg right is usually played into the wind. Out-of-bounds along the right side of the fairway make cutting the right corner option very risky.
Hole 11 : Ocean Reaching
Par 3 Handicap 16 Blue 162 Yards Yellow 146 Yards White 139 Yards Red 124 Yards
The eleventh, with ocean view background, is picturesque par #3 that is tougher than it looks. Usually driving into the wind combined with large three bunkers around the green, proper club selection is required. The undulating green requires confident putting.
Hole 12 : OB Lining
Par 5 Handicap 4 Blue 552 Yards Yellow 528 Yards White 508 Yards Red 343 Yards
This hole can be tough against the wind. A large lake on the right side, and out-of-bounds on both sides of the fairway, restrict players from cutting the corner. The second shot, safer, is played below the left bunker. Approaching to the long putting green, sloping from right to left, players should play to the right of the green and let the slope sweeps the ball to the hole.
Hole 13 : Rough Avoiding
Par 4 Handicap 14 Blue 393 Yards Yellow 364 Yards White 353 Yards Red 311 Yards
With thick rough on both sides of the fairway, players should be cautious on those tee shots. The position is the key here.
Hole 14 : Channel Hiding
Par 4 Handicap 10 Blue 384 Yards Yellow 342 Yards White 321 Yards Red 292Yards
Not long. However, the slight dogleg left with water and fairway bunker add difficulty to this hole. When teeing off, one should be aware of the hidden water in the middle of the fairway and the right bunker. To go over the water by the first shot is risky.
Hole 15 : Leelawadi Sighting
Par 3 Handicap 18 Blue 174 Yards Yellow 151 Yards White 151 Yards Red 128 Yards
Lined with fungipani trees, this hole is the easiest hole on the course. Accurate yardage is required for birdies.
Hole 16 : Mountain Climbing
Par 5 Handicap 12 Blue 574 Yards Yellow 548 Yards White 528 Yards Red 486 Yards
Steep slope upward most of the way, the players must hit a good drive to a landing area which has fairway bunkers on both left and right. The second is still a blind shot, aiming to the left side of a high flag post indicating the green. Only one bunker at the right of the green. For very long and narrow green, approaching shot with accurate yardage is needed for birdie opportunity.
Hole 17 : Hills Hopping
Par 4 Handicap 8 Blue 441 Yards Yellow 406 Yards White 371 Yards Red 344 Yards
Out-of-bounds on both left and right sides along the fairway but the hilly fairway is very wide. A big tree in the middle of the landing area. Players must choose left or right route to get home. Placement off the tee is key.
Hole 18 : Blissful Finishing
Par 4 Handicap 6 Blue 416 Yards Yellow 386 Yards White 375 Yards Red 338 Yards
Straight away uphill finishing hole. An accurate club selection is required for the second shot to the large elevated green. Two bunkers on both left and right of the green can make some problems.
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